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Meet our staff

Ronda Portrait Final.png

Synod Authorized

Ronda serves as an assisting minister at St. James. As her ministry continues to unfold, Ronda passionately serves God and others. Her primary focus is congregational care and assisting with worship and Bible study.

paula 2.jpg

Music Director

Paula’s long career as a musician-educator allows her to bring expertise and passion to the music at St. James Lutheran Church. Paula leads adults and children in worship music.

Parish Secretary Ann 

Ann manages the office of St. James which is humming with activity!  When you call, Ann will greet you with a friendly "hello!" She is dedicated to the smooth operations of the church.  



The church council meets on the second Tuesday each month. The council members serve as either Worship Team or Trustees in addition to the Officers of the congregation. Council members are elected each year at the Annual Meeting of the church.

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