Seven Wonders of the Word

The ancient, lost city of Petra lies hidden behind a towering narrow passageway of worn stone in the far south of Jordan. We made our way past a series of vacant tombs cut into the rock, adorned with columns and carvings chipped into the eroding rock surfaces. Finally, we turned the corner and gasped as the Treasury was illuminated by the late morning sun. Truly, this place deserves its designation among the new “Seven Wonders” of the world!

Our guide told us about the excavations that are occurring in Petra. He said, “we know that there are many treasures lying hidden beneath the sandstone, but we are reluctant to dig down to find them. As soon as they are uncovered, they begin to erode away and are lost.” He pointed to a sculpture which was now only a faint outline after centuries of wind and rain against the carved stone.

I’ve been thinking about his words ever since we returned from the Holy Land. What is permanent on this planet? Honestly, I think that the answer is only one thing remains: the Word of God in Christ. During the season of Lent, we are going to go on our own journey, using the resource, “The Seven Wonders of the Word” by Kathryn A. Kleinhans. Beginning on February 26th (Ash Wednesday) we will consider how the Word of God creates, calls, commands, sustains, saves, shapes and sends.

You can be a part of this journey by attending our Lenten services on Wednesdays in March at 6:30 PM (soup supper prior, beginning at 5:30 PM). You are also invited to be a part of a special Sunday morning devotional hour starting at 9:00 AM each week. We will dig deeper into the wonderful ways that the Word of God works in our lives and in this world. No need for a backpack or a camel—just come to experience the wonders of God’s Word, for you!

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