Far and Wide

They tell me that Belle Fourche, South Dakota is the Center of the Nation. But ever since Lent, I find myself wondering if Belle Fourche might be the center of the world?!

One of our Lenten Prayer Centers gave us a chance to place a marker on a map of the world, showing the focus of our prayer. This Global Prayer Center demonstrates the reach of St. James stretching far and wide. One by one, the pushpins marked the people and places that hold our hearts and capture our attention. We pray for people from coast to coast. We pray for places thousands and thousands of miles away—yet, closer than a whisper in our ear. Our world is expansive and connected, far and wide.

On Easter Sunday morning, we gathered in our church to worship the risen Christ. This resurrected Jesus calls us to lift our eyes toward morning. On the first resurrection Sunday, while it was still dark, the women went to the tomb and encountered angels with news of the resurrection. On Easter morning in 2019, we encountered some global "darkness". A shooting in Sri Lanka, targeting Christian churches, caused headlines world wide. Later that week, a shooting occurred in a California synagogue during a worship service commemorating the end of Passover. Sometimes we find ourselves on the other side of the resurrection morning but still living in a world that seems pretty dark.

News of shootings and turmoil and catastrophe cause us to look at a map of the world and wonder, “How can God hold this all together?”

Yet, we put our pins in the map and we pray. We put our feet on the ground and we take one step at a time. We hold out our hands to our neighbor and we invite. We live in the morning of the resurrection, trusting in Christ’s life in us, for us and through us.

I hope you will join us in our extended celebration of Easter during the month of May. We will hear gospel lessons about breakfast on the beach, the Shepherd’s voice, and loving one another. We will pray for each other and for the whole world. And we will remember that morning has come, and Christ is all in all.

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