When we gather for worship, we connect with believers everywhere.

When we study the Bible and pray, we are drawn more deeply into God’s own saving story.

When we serve others and address social issues that affect the common good, we live out our Christian faith.


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9:00 AM Worship Service

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July 27-31 - Vacation Bible School

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St. James Radio

St. James Radio Broadcast

Did you realize that on those days that you just can’t make it to church, you could listen to the broadcast on local radio stations? Turn your radio to either KBFS-AM at 1450 or KYDT-FM at 103.1, and you will hear our worship service at 9:00 AM every Sunday. We know we have a number of regular listeners, and we do greatly appreciate your input on how the service is coming over the air. Please call the church at 723-3923 and let us know if there is some way we can improve the broadcast.


St. James Lutheran Church


Whether you are a new member or just visiting, we want to let you know how excited we are in having you here. Our web site contains helpful information about the varied ministries and programs of St. James Lutheran Church.

St. James membership is comprised of individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds. We faithfully preach and teach the living word of God to help you further develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Then, we nurture Christian lives by meeting spiritual needs and make disciples through our witness. We are, by the grace of God, the St. James Lutheran Church.

Please consider yourself an important part of the St. James Church family. Here you will find a church in which you will be welcomed, greeted, loved, and cared for, in the name of Jesus the Risen Savior. There is a very special place for you at St. James, and if you haven't already, we hope you will consider making St. James your church home.


A Message from Pastor Jeff

To the amazing members and friends of St. James Lutheran Congregation in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Grace and peace be with you in July 2015.

My hope is that you have found time to memorize a story or a verse from the Bible. What I would love for you to do now is to take that story and/or verse and create a dialogue of your own story with that story/verse. Keep it simple, but allow the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you to cull the right memorized story/verse to use the words of your personal story to be shared with someone you might know very well. How would you describe your faith story using a story from the Bible to share with your children, grandchildren, or someone your own age?

Maybe you are not into prose but rather poetry or drama or visual arts, and it is in such ways that God uses our expressions of gratitude in communicating our love of God in Christ Jesus. How will you share something so important to you in your life with a simple story/verse of the Bible?

One of my favorite stories is found in the fifth book of the New Testament in the book of Acts. The story is about Philip who is taking a nap when an Angel of the Lord shows up and directs him to take a certain road, and not much is demanded other than to get up and go. So Philip gets up and goes. I love this story, this beginning, because it seems in my life that I am moved by outside influences, i.e., the Holy Spirit that cannot be quantified by simple understanding, and yet the simplicity to get up and go cannot be overstated. God moves in me, and it oft seems a bit messy, and yet when I am paying attention, direction happens and I travel the road wherever God sees fit for me to be. I know for a fact that is not the way most people find a call, but for me I share a kindred spirit, i.e., the Holy Spirit with the likes of Philip in the book of Acts. With whom in the Bible, named or not, is someone you find a particular bond? Philip travels the road, and lo and behold, a very wealthy man with a high-pitched voice and of dark skin is reading loudly from the book of Isaiah from his very long limousine of chariot nobility in the open air at a resort found in the desert. Of course, this is my interpretation of what I have read in the Bible; you may choose to share the story differently than I, which is normal and healthy.

As Philip gets closer to the very ornate chariot, he notices a sign of the office of the man who is reciting the Isaiah text loudly, "Treasurer of the Candace Queen," and he goes by E.e. because his name and his butchered masculinity at the moment isn't as important as his official title. (Here is a moment of teaching from yours truly, Pastor Jeff.) This story is a way of sharing a text with a different amount of interpretation given the people who might read this particular text in Acts 8. You might take offense at how I describe the Ethiopian eunuch. Yet to gain a proper understanding of the issues in Jesus' day, the same issues are prevalent in our day as well. How often money and sex are tied to individuals without identity is very important for how we deal with making decisions about issues related to and understanding the needs of those involved in the sex trade in our own backyard. The slave in our Acts text was in charge of the entire treasury of the Candace queen and could never be the husband of the queen, just the caretaker of the monies and an object of shame. In a day and age where human trafficking is at an all time high, not only in the world but also right here in our own backyard, if you think that women, men, and children are not being taken advantage of during the Sturgis rally, then you might need to pay attention to those crying out for help. Do some research and figure out how we can be responsible Christians in an age of indifference and how our stories can shape the future of

Even in this story there is redemption for the butchered masculinity of the one reading
Isaiah, the one reading but not understanding. Often times as we go out into the world, we are called on to speak and be the light of wisdom, knowledge, truth, fairness. We can be creative in a way that no one has thought of without getting in the way. Go find the scripture in Acts and read the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, and read it with new eyes. In August I will continue telling that story and share more of my own.

Enjoy yourselves as you travel, and as I travel, may you find time to pray for the Otterman family and the
youth going to Detroit. May all of you find rest in the summer season, and may God give each of you insight into the stories of your own lives to intersect the stories of those you have yet to encounter.

God's peace and blessings to you and yours.

Pastor Jeff M. Otterman


Church Notes:

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School will be held July 27 through July 31 and will again be led by the Outlaw Ranch counselors. There is no cost to the children attending VBS. Anyone interested in housing the counselors during the week of VBS, please speak to Audrey Bickerdyke, Sue Otterman, or Nicole Weishaar.


Allter Guild Helpers

As with a number of the groups in our church, the Altar Guild is finding it needs some new members since some of our older members have retired from their jobs. The month of May lost its two members to retirement—thank you Marilyn Liming & Ila Paradis for your years of service! The Altar Guild is in charge of filling the candles and setting up for communion each week. The work is not difficult and takes about
half an hour to set up and half an hour to clean up after the services are over. In the past we have typically assigned 2 people each month to take care of these duties as we feel this makes it easier
and more enjoyable when you are able to work with someone. Currently there are just under 20 members on the Altar Guild, but we need more. If you are interested in becoming a member, please speak to Pastor Jeff or Ann in the office.




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