When we gather for worship, we connect with believers everywhere.

When we study the Bible and pray, we are drawn more deeply into God’s own saving story.

When we serve others and address social issues that affect the common good, we live out our Christian faith.


Church Services:


5:00 PM Worship Service


9:00 AM Sunday School

10:15 AM Church Worship Service

Upcoming Events:

Last Days
As summer arrives, many of our programs take a break. The following are the "last days" of many of our programs:
• The last day of quilting will be May 5.
• The last day of Bell Choir and Adult Choir will be May 6.
• The last day of confirmation will be May 13.
• The last day of Adult Sunday School will be May 24

More information on all of these events and more read our Church Newsletter.

St. James Radio

St. James Radio Broadcast

Did you realize that on those days that you just can’t make it to church, you could listen to the broadcast on local radio stations? Turn your radio to either KBFS-AM at 1450 or KYDT-FM at 103.1, and you will hear our worship service at 10:15 AM every Sunday. We know we have a number of regular listeners, and we do greatly appreciate your input on how the service is coming over the air. Please call the church at 723-3923 and let us know if there is some way we can improve the broadcast.


St. James Lutheran Church


Whether you are a new member or just visiting, we want to let you know how excited we are in having you here. Our web site contains helpful information about the varied ministries and programs of St. James Lutheran Church.

St. James membership is comprised of individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds. We faithfully preach and teach the living word of God to help you further develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Then, we nurture Christian lives by meeting spiritual needs and make disciples through our witness. We are, by the grace of God, the St. James Lutheran Church.

Please consider yourself an important part of the St. James Church family. Here you will find a church in which you will be welcomed, greeted, loved, and cared for, in the name of Jesus the Risen Savior. There is a very special place for you at St. James, and if you haven't already, we hope you will consider making St. James your church home.


A Message from Pastor Jeff

To all the friends and family of St. James Lutheran Church, Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Grace and peace be with you all.

I write this letter to you, not unlike Paul the Apostle who wrote so many amazing letters to the churches that he oversaw. I, Pastor Jeff M. Otterman, seek your attention to the great matters at hand in worshiping God and being faithful to the One who has called you to
walk with Him, our Savior, Jesus Christ. As you continue your journey of faith during this Easter season, may you find time in your own way to shout with joy what you believe. Jesus is Risen! Jesus is Risen, Indeed! Hallelujah! YES! And then quietly or loudly or however, carry yourself to walk with Jesus and walk with each other as a way of discipleship.

Make a vow or a promise, or if you don't keep to such legalism, I encourage you to walk in your faith, to practice your faith in how you love your neighbor as you love your family and as you love yourself. Allow opportunities to see Jesus in every person you meet, and allow your response to seeing Jesus in your neighbor be the point at which you pray with and for your neighbor, whoever that may be. Even in the event that your neighbor drives you crazy and you ask, could Jesus really be in this neighbor, pray and ask how you might serve your neighbor. Practice this at church, then with those you know, then with those you don't know, and see where this might lead you in following Jesus. As Jesus continues to walk with you as often as any of us are worth walking with, Jesus continues to love us and grace our lives. What becomes your passion will be different one to another, but allow your faith to move forward rather than be static or going backwards.

Paul's letter to the Galatians is a fascinating letter and really has got me thinking about what I am called to be and do on behalf of all of you who know me as pastor and friend. In Galatians chapter 6, Paul writes to the people of Galatia. We read it as if to us, and here is a part of that letter. "1 My friends, if anyone is detected in a transgression, you who have received the Spirit should restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness. Take care that you yourselves are not tempted. 2 Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. 3 For if those who are nothing think they are something, they
deceive themselves. 4 All must test their own work; then that work, rather than their neighbor's work, will become a cause for pride. 5 For all must carry their own loads. 6 Those who are taught the word must share in all good things with their teacher."

Paul indeed had friends, as do I and as do all of you, well maybe not all of you, but that is a different matter altogether. If anyone is in sin, has made mistakes, has transgressed, has missed the mark, and that would be all of us, we are called, if indeed you have received God's spirit, to restore such a one. We are to restore in a spirit of gentleness, not rejection, not removal, not avoiding, not harassing, not pointing fingers, but to take time and care and hold onto the relationship that you have in Christ Jesus and to the person in question.

Make sure you do not fall to the same temptation that has caused the other person to transgress, which, of course, you probably will fall to temptation. We are called to restore you as well with the same gentleness of spirit. Bear one another's burdens, take time to know the people you love, and stand with them in their stuff. Be patient, encourage, seek God first, and seek God's kingdom come, and I digress… For this is the fulfillment of the law of Christ, which is really all about God's grace and mercy. For if those who are nothing think they are something, and that would be all humanity no matter your station in
life, touchable or untouchable, although I believe the untouchables of our society may have the upper hand in this. Just ask Lazarus and the rich man in the parable Jesus told. Because if you are the rich man, or the intelligent one, or the one who is better than others, then you are deceived. You should understand that indeed you are called to pay attention to your work rather than your neighbor's work.

Where am I going with all of this? All of you matter, and the relationships matter. I miss seeing you, and when I do see you, conversations aren't all that long, so I miss hearing what's going on in your life. We are called as God's people to worship God daily and to make time to slip away from work, family, and other commitments to spend time with God's people in worship. You matter. May you continue to walk with Jesus where you go and to know I am called to walk with you every single day and to call you to become followers of Christ Jesus our Lord, wherever you are called to be. Amen. Jesus is Risen, Indeed! Hallelujah! YES!

Pastor Jeff M. Otterman


Church Notes:

Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations to all of the 2015 graduates! If we have forgotten to mention any members of St. James who will be graduating from high school, college, vocational school, or a branch of the military, please
call 723-3923. Belle Fourche High School graduates are: Katie Baker, Isaac Otterman, Damian Tobar, & Taylor Watts. College and Post-College graduates are: Cheri Speidel received a B.S. in Psychology from
the University of Phoenix; Morgan Ude Stiller received a B.S. in Biology with an emphasis in Zoology; Allison Turbiville received a J.D. from Yale Law School; and Ian Walton received a degree in Social Sciences from Black Hills State University and will be teaching.


Summer Worship Schedule

Beginning May 31, we will be observing our summer worship hours. The Saturday evening worship service will remain the same at 5 PM, but the Sunday worship service will change to 9 AM. Traditionally we have begun our summer hours in June, but because there is an extra Sunday after Memorial
Day this year, we will begin our summer hours in May.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School will be held July 27 through July 31 and will again be led by the Outlaw Ranch counselors. There is no cost to the children attending VBS. Anyone interested in housing the counselors
during the week of VBS, please speak to Audrey Bickerdyke, Sue Otterman, or Nicole Weishaar.

Outlaw Ranch

Please see the newsletter for a complete listing of the upcoming ranch retreats.



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